Faster than an oil change — from zero to a new floor in no time

Looking for a new flooring solution for your showroom, automobile display, or an entire dealership? We install your new floor in record time using industrially pre-fabricated elements — in line with your corporate design specifications, and while your building remains open for business, if desired. No adhesives, no grouting, no dirt, no long drying times — your new floor is immediately ready to handle foot traffic and loads from the moment it’s installed.

Whether you’re looking for exposed aggregate, ceramic tile, wood, or glass — practically any surface material is possible, even in combinations that retain the exact same surface height. ArsRatio flooring elements are available in different shapes and sizes, enabling a number of different installation patterns — suitable for both automobiles and commercial vehicles — including joints in the specified RAL color, edge ramps, cable channels, and grommets for electrical and data cabling.  Have a look at our references from the automotive industry.


You’ll find everything you need to know about ArsRatio for the Automobile industry in our brochure