A revolution in outdoor flooring

Are you looking for new ways to create stylish gardens, patios, verandas, and swimming pools? Or perhaps you’re looking for new options when designing foyers in buildings and homes. With the PAVE AND GO ™ outdoor flooring system, you can design floors any way you choose. What’s more, the system is extremely easy to install. No adhesives or grout are required. Install floors for (rooftop) patios and balconies in a flash — or beautify outdoor areas such as entranceways and pools. 

The extremely weather-resistant PAVE AND GO ™ outdoor flooring system with its attractive 20 mm porcelain tile surface and precise joints can be installed on practically any outdoor surface.  It’s ready for traffic immediately after installation. Thanks to the patented ArsRatio interlocking mechanism, the floor can be installed without using any tools, guaranteeing maximum design flexibility. Even later modifications to the flooring layout are easily accomplished because these outdoor flooring elements are simple to remove and reconfigure. 

The PAVE AND GO ™  outdoor flooring system is exclusively available from the EmilGroup: