ArsRatio: The innovative flooring system for retail, commercial, and industrial applications

The modular ArsRatio flooring system has revolutionized tile and flooring installation without sacrificing any of the quality criteria we’ve come to expect from conventional methods. It’s a professional solution for architects and builders as well as commercial, industrial, and retail enterprises looking to renovate their flooring according to corporate design requirements. The recipient of numerous awards, this flooring system consists of interconnected elements. These precision-manufactured pre-fabricated elements employ a base layer covered by the surface material that the customer specifies. A special polyurethane formula is used to securely bond the layers of the individual elements together. They click together neatly and easily, with no grout or adhesives required. The patented interlocking system ensures lasting stability of the floor elements, both laterally and from end to end. What’s more, this flooring system is removable.Individual elements can be exchanged or replaced as desired. That makes modifications and redesigns of entire floor layouts possible.

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Signed, sealed, delivered — your floor

The ArsRatio flooring system has been tested and certified or classified according to all relevant EU standards.

  • Fire performance per DIN EN 13501

  • Tested as per DIN EN ISO 10140-1 – impact sound insulation

  • European technical assessment ETA-13/0529 (CE mark)

  • Health tested as per Committee for Health-related Evaluation of Building Products (AgBB)

Surface materials: Choose from a wide selection in stock or custom

The surface of the innovative ArsRatio flooring system can consist of any widely available material such as tile, wood, parquet, glass, or metal — in any combination — while retaining a uniform surface height. If desired, custom surface materials and colors can be fabricated according to your corporate design requirements.

The first floor that you can lease

The ArsRatio leasing option provides numerous advantages:

  • Tax benefits
  • No balance sheet impact
  • Predictable costs

  • Easier to plan

  • Custom contracts